Elder Law

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O'Dell & Silburn, LLC is an experienced Elder Law firm with expertise in estate and trust planning, probate and trust administration and litigation, guardianships and conservatorships, Medicaid and long-term care planning. We also provide general counsel on navigating the care and safety of elders.

Court appointment of fiduciaries–those persons who are in positions of trust with regard to the elderly or disabled–is also part of Elder Law. Fiduciaries can be trustees, personal representatives, powers of financial or medical attorney, guardians and/or conservators.

Under some circumstances, it can be necessary to legally remove fiduciaries. Kate protected one local woman financially exploited by her grandchildren when she sued the Trust Company and the grandchildren to reform the Trust and protect the woman and her assets.

O'Dell & Silburn, LLC offers a full range of Elder Law services, advising both fiduciaries and those protected by fiduciaries.